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8 Aug

Make Your Succulent Pots Pop – DIY

I had a lovely weekend, spent it in between doing this DIY, resting (of course), catching up with friends and going to see Girls Trip (the movie) I was waiting all week to go see it mainly because I love me some comedy and I have a thing for Kofi Siriboe :-), I had a good laugh! You should go check it on your free time. What did you do with yours? Share with me in the comments section below. So, I just bought two beautiful plants, I have had them for three weeks now if I remember correct. I didn't like how the pots looked at all, so I did a make-over, something to make them stand out and have...
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3 Aug

“I choose not to live in fear”. Hellen Dausen- founder of Nuya’s Essence

It takes one creative to appreciate another, I for one, have really grown to like people who are focused are achieving their goals in life. People, who are consistent, are constantly evolving and bettering themselves. I do not know Hellen personally, but I have seen how much she puts in her work and how far it has taken her. Talk about turning your hobby into a full time job and making money while you’re at it :-) This gives me a challenge to push harder each time I set a goal. To work on my vision non-stop and to learn how to listen to God and accept the plans he has for me. The discipline to stay focused and to keep...
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26 Jul

Rosemary Essential Oil DIY

Hey! Hey! Today I want to share with you a little trick that I just learnt from a good friend, it is also really easy, all it needs is a little bit of patience for the best results. I know most of you are wondering why I chose rosemary essential oil other than anything else, I'm simply amazed by how this plant can come in handy and beneficial especially for my sisters with hair growth issues. The smell of a fresh rosemary bunch is to die! I absolutely love it. I had google to understand more of the benefits that I can get from this oil concentrating more on hair related benefits. Rosemary essential oil is said to be widely used for hair...
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2 Jun

Another Broken Heart, another Broken Promise, another Crushed Dream!

I can’t live without you My life is meaningless without you, he said I’ve found my true love I’ve found my forever, he said I’ll always be there for you I’ll always have your back, he said I’ve plans for us I see my future with you, he said I’ll never hurt you I’ll never leave you, he said I want to grow old with you I want to make memories forever, he said Nothing will ever separate us Nothing will ever change my love for you, he said Them other girls don’t compare to you Baby girl; you’re different, you’re unique, he said I thought he was different, A man of his words I thought I was different, the girl of his dreams Unfortunately, I was wrong  Another broken heart, another broken promise, another crushed dream!  ...
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22 May

5 Inspirational TED talks from 5 Inspirational Women

I believe it is important to have something that motivates you in one way or another, I love inspirational videos a lot and with TED talks I end up going through random topics. My dream is to one day share my story through a TED talk, I don’t know how that is going to happen but I stay hopeful, and prepared (not about to be caught unprepared) whenever I can, I will be posting top five topics that I loved listening to. This is an old list though (listened to these in April). You can subscribe to the channel on YouTube to get updates or get the app, or whatever you fancy. All these five topics point at the same direction,...
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17 May

All Hair Talk with Natural Desire Founder- Brenda Cleopa

It is safe to say that I am obsessed with natural hair. I have had mine for more than five years now and it it has been a tough road because I didn't know the basic do's and don'ts when it comes to natural hair care and I was not using the right products until last year July when I did my research and changed things for the better. I must say it has really changed my hair texture, volume and length. Moisturizing and avoiding heat to me are  is the major keys to healthy natural hair and of course the products you use. Enough about me now...
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14 May

Asante Mama

A source of strength First call for help A teacher Number one fan Protector Advisor True friend First love Mothers are all of the above and more. I know one day is not enough to thank our mothers for all that they are and all they have done for us. For guiding us when we were lost and hopeless, for holding us close when things were tough, for praying for us when we gave up, for scolding us when we did wrong, for teaching us good manners and all the basic things in life, for showing us not to give up, for teaching us what true love is, for encouraging us when we felt discouraged for being there for us through and through. This is to all the mothers out...
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13 Feb

Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese

Who Moved My Cheese, written by: Dr. Spenser Johnson is that book you need to pass on to your friends, colleagues at work, partners, read it to your children and anyone you need to spread some knowledge to. It is very short also which makes it easier for people who do not like to read. I honestly recommend it because it is straight forward  and understandable , it also has a great value of life lessons and it will help you learn a thing or two about yourself and about change. Not to spoil it for anyone who has not got the chance to read it yet. I will briefly explain what the book is about and then share with you...
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5 Feb

When I miss you,as I wait…

Folding my eyes so that I can feel your touch Folding my eyes so that I can feel the rush Folding my eyes so I can hear your voice Folding my eyes smiling Folding my eyes I see your eyes, I see the connection between us , I get the concentration I need, I can see your appreciation, I feel the acceptance, I feel the love Folding my eyes because I can't wait Folding my eyes because I don't want to forget Folding my eyes wanting to fast forward time Folding my eyes to bring you closer Folding my eyes because nothing else works Folding my eyes so I can feel alive again, without you life is not the same Folding my eyes because I need to Folding my eyes because for you, I...
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1 Feb

Taking Stock- Bits and Pieces

I would like to genuinely thank each one of you who takes time to pass through my old posts, leave a comment or check me to ask about the blog and why I have not been posting lately. This gives me a lot of courage and reminds me of what I love to do, what I sometimes put on hold in order to work on other responsibilities that life keeps throwing at me. I have not been in the mood honestly, most times I come in here, write half a post and end up deleting it because I wasn't feeling it or it did not make sense to me. I just realized I will never be able to share and post as...
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